5 Reasons to own a Vacation Rental Home

in Florida... well you could start with endless Summers and breathtaking Sunsets!


1. Rental Income - Diversify your income and supplement your salary and any other interest-bearing income you earn.  


2. Convenience - Leave your belongings at your home away from home.  Everything from your own linens to your favorite floatie can be stored away so that you can pack light and have everything at the home for your vacation stay.


3. Long-Term Benefits - Build equity and wealth! Your Vacation Rental can be a an investment or legacy that you leave for your family. Nearly 75% of people who buy a vacation home will invest through some form of financing.* Then, by hosting short-term rental guests, the mortgage, property taxes, HOA fees, and home maintenance costs are offset—all while you build wealth for today and tomorrow.


4. Plan for Retirement - Even though it may be a few years (or decades) away, buying a vacation home now opens up your retirement options. As you move closer to retirement, the amount you owe on your vacation home mortgage will be smaller, or it may be paid off completely. You could enjoy more than just Holidays and Getaways with the family while living in your Vacation Destination, now that's potential for a permanent Stay-cation!


5. Hassle Free Vacations -  Just block the calendar for bookings and your Vacation is booked.  Skip the check-in process and enjoy your Vacation on your terms.



*Source: 2019 Vacasa Vacation Rental Buyers Report